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Frequently Asked Questions about Shrink Packaging:

I've never done Shrink Packaging, how do I shrink my art?
Our shrink packagers include a heat sealer for sealing the film, and a hot air gun for shrinking the film, plus assessories. To package art, you slide the art with backing inside the double-folded film.Then you seal the edges with the sealer, which also cuts off the excess film at the same time. Finally you shrink the film with the heat gun. Our shrink packagers come with detailed instructions.

What size do I need to do my art work?
Our sealers are straight bar sealers, which means that any one of them will seal any size art. The larger ones are faster and more convenient for doing larger size art, but the shorter ones can be used on any size art by moving the sealer and repeating the sealing action. The heat gun will work on any size art. You must have film that is at least two inches wider than the smaller dimension of your art.

Do I need to use a Shrink packager?
The strongest, clearest and safest film requires heat sealing. However for quick temporary protection that requires no sealer, we recommend our Economy Shrink Wrap.

What kind of film should I use?
Mountex Archival Quality shrink film is what we recommend for use with any type of art work. It is safe, polyolefin based, very strong and optically clear. You can choose between the high strength 100 gauge, recommended if the line art will be subject to handling or abrasion, or the 75 guage which is cheaper, but slightly weaker.

I Can't choose between the Mini-Wrap and the Handi-Seal. What is the difference between them?
The Mini-Wrap includes a Teflon coated, internally heated bar sealer, which operates at constant temperature and is smokeless. The Handi-seal is an instant-on push-button operated sealer which is faster, more heavy-duty and simple, compact and rugged in design.

How long will it last?
Both the units will last for many years, with normal use. We guarantee all our equipment for one year and will repair or replace any that need it at no charge within that period.

Can I use my iron?
A laundry iron can be used to tack down the economy Shrink Wrap, not the archival Shrink film, which must be sealed with the Mini-Wrap or the Handi-Seal.

What about replacement parts and repairs?
Replacement parts are always available.The Handi-Seal can almost always be repaired by you or in the shop. The Mini-Wrap sealer is not usually repairable. We offer a liberal discount for the replacement sealers beyond the guarenteed period. Heat gun lasts indefinitely.

Can I shrink package other things besides art? How about three dimentional objects?
Yes, you can shrink package anything that can fit inside the folded shrink film. With three dimentional things, a hold- down is helpful for holding the film motionless for sealing.