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Pictureframe Products Inc. is a product development and manufacturing company founded in 1970 and based in Massachusetts. We design, manufacture and constantly improve a number of unique products used by both artists and picture framers. These include the Mini-Wrap user-friendly shrink packagers for artists, Mountex shrink film, Handi-Seal heavy duty shrink packagers, the Cordless Handi-Seal, Economy Shrink Wrap (no equipment needed), Minute Frame Glue, and the Multi-Vise for professional framing. The most exciting new development in decades is the application of digital measurement technology to framing and woodworking. Thes useful new products help you to be more efficient and thus more profitable. Learn more about them here.
We are taking the art and framing field in new directions. If you are interested in what is new and exciting in art and framing, this web site is for you.

Robert Jolkovski, Founder